Gotti Review


Cast: John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Stacy Keach, Spencer Lofranco

Director: Kevin Connolly

Synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes: GOTTI follows infamous crime boss John Gotti’s (John Travolta) rise to become the “Teflon Don” of the Gambino Crime Family in New York City. Spanning three decades and recounted by his son John Jr. (Spencer Rocco Lofranco), GOTTI examines Gotti’s tumultuous life as he and his wife (Kelly Preston) attempt to hold the family together amongst tragedy and multiple prison sentences.


After the critical success that was American Animals, MoviePass’ next venture into the film distribution business should be something either just as entertaining or well received, right?  Of course not. That would make too much sense.  Instead, we get Gotti. A movie with no plot, bland characters, poor direction, terrible acting, and nothing that allows it to be recognized as anything other than 110 minutes of boredom. Congratulations Gotti, you have done the impossible.  You have made a boring mob movie, something I did not think could ever be done.  

The film follows the life of the life of John Gotti Sr. (Travolta), and his rise to the top of one of New York’s largest and most powerful crime families.  At least, that is what the movie attempts to show us.  The film jumps between time periods very drastically and out of nowhere and in one moment, we could go from John making his first hit to an elderly John in jail talking to his son John Jr. (Lofranco) about how he should not accept a guilty plea for things he did not do.  The story has absolutely no structure and just as we think we might be seeing something that could be considered a legitimate storyline, we go to another point to tell a different story.  This harms the characters as well, as most of them are incredibly underdeveloped due to them being on-screen for one scene and then never seen again.  Characters who I guess were supposed to be significant members of the movie had no development and I did not know their role nor did I care about their actions the entire time.  Of the characters we actually do get to know a little bit, the acting was absolutely atrocious.  Travolta makes this distracting, dumb, pouty face the entire time and it looks like John Travolta imitating Alec Baldwin imitating Donald Trump.  While the dialogue does not do Travolta any favors, the fact that his accent goes from a strong New York accent to non-existent in a moment is something that any seasoned actor or director would be able to point out and fix immediately.  Outside of that, one of the odd, distracting things about the film is the music is done by Pitbull.  Now, usually I can give movies a pass when they attempt to task a risk and do something unique, but honestly who thought this was a good idea?  Gotti was a member of the Italian mafia in New York, so instead of using something that completely captures the time period like Frank Sinatra, the film decided to use a rapper from Miami.  It does not fit the so-called, “theme” of this movie at all and I have no idea what the people behind Gotti were thinking with that decision.  The sad thing is, you can tell right from the beginning that this film was going to be a disaster.  In the opening credits, I noticed that there were far more producers than I am used to seeing.  After researching this after the viewing, I found that the film had a whopping 44 producers and executive producers.  How can anything remotely good come from a film that had 44 unique people each trying to control the outcome of this film?  While this could have ended up as an intelligently made and well thought out movie if there was some sort of care and attention given to it, all we are left with is a film should have never have been made.

Overall, I did not ever think I would see a movie with high-profile actors like this be made so poorly.  I do not know if I can find a single thing that was actually done well with this movie.  I cannot believe that a movie based on one of the biggest crime bosses of all time could be so boring.  Gotti might try to show us the life of a celebrity psychopath, but it ends up sleeping with the fishes.

Overall Score: 1/10

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